Monday, April 26, 2010

Popped Sorghum with Sunflower Seed Butter

Finally, a use for sorghum!  Because it is so very nutrient dense and full of fiber (the iron alone make it worth eating) we have been trying to find a way to sneak sorghum into our regime in this house for months. At $2 a bag for the organic stuff, it is difficult to overlook it; especially when you consider that a serving has ten grams of fiber and 24% of the recommended daily value of iron.

Used as a flour it is reportedly too "fluffy" and "spongy" for baking and as a side dish it is gummy and sandy and edible only if you really push the limits of what is considered food.  Believe me--I have tried.  But part of eating with a purpose is making sure that the food that is good for you tastes good enough to eat.  If ever you wish to challenge me with a good recipe for sorghum as a side, I am all ears.

The people Shiloh Farms mention on their site that you can pop sorghum. It was well after midnight when I read this and it was all I could do to wait until morning to give it a whirl. at  I did and yes, it does taste like POPCORN.   Perhaps just a bit crunchier and smaller.  It was tasty and definitely worth a try.  Try the method below for popped corn or popped sorghum--it's delicious!


1/2 c. raw, dried sorghum grain
1.5  tablespoons sunflower seed butter*
1/2 - 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil or other heart healthy oil such as canola

* Peanut butter is an equally good replacement for the sunflower butter; I especially enjoy the crunchy variety over poppped corn or, now, sorghum.


1 - Place sorghum into air popper and pop as you would corn kernals.

2 - Place sunflower butter or peanut butter into a microwave safe dish.  Place in microwave for 5-15 seconds, watching it the entire time, until it is soft enough to stir and has loosened to a liquid texture. 

3 - Allow to cool for a moment and stir in beneficial oil to further thin the seed or nut butter mixture.

4 - Pour mixture over popped grain and, using hands, thoroughly toss to coat.  This is a very messy treat but it is well worth getting down and dirty for.


  1. Ohhhhhh, I'm so going to try this! I've never made popcorn with nut butter before, so that's going to have to be the way we go for this one! YUMMMMMMM

  2. OH!!! I should have guessed the mystery ingredieent. I got a new jar of sunflower seed butter the other day and thought of you last night when I was eating it by the spoonful and realized how dangerous it can be. ;) YUM! I can't wait to make this!!