Monday, November 22, 2010

Drowned Turnips

I have been really devoting the past year to rethinking how I can eat more foods that are fresh and in season  At first glance the late Fall and Winter months seem so grim but I refuse to eat another pink, mealy tomato so I am pleased to be locating more and more food prep techniques for some overlooked foods that can add variety to our table during the colder months.  I found this treatment of turnips in an Italian cookbook dedicated to the special treatment of the seasons and while I wasn't immediately sold, the author insisted that this simple cooking technique delivered a fine accompaniment so I went for it. 

The results were surprising--my six year old asked if she could pack the leftovers in her lunch for the next day!  Tangy and slightly bitter, the turnips pair nicely with the sweetness of caramelization.  Plus, I paid $0.48 cents per pound for these and spent just about $1.50 on enough turnips for this entire recipe. 


 ½ pounds turnips
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons water
parsley or greens tops of turnips, to serve

1 - Peel and chop turnips to small, 1/4" pieces (see photos, below). 

2 - Add turnips, oil and water to dutch oven.  Toss well and cook at a medium to low heat, covered, for about 15-17 minutes or until tender.  Check/stir several times during this process.

3 -  Remove lid and turn heat up to high.  Stir vegetables for five to seven minutes or until rich caramel color develops (or to desired doneness).  Add in parsley or optional turnip greens and cook one minute longer.

Serve immediately; makes six, 3/4 cup servings. 

Nutritional info, per 3/4 cup serving:

Nutritional data calculated using ingredient compilation program and is deemed close but not exact.

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